Welcome janitor...

We suffered a massive xenomorph invasion...

Many employees have been killed... 

You have been hired to clean that mess!

Be carefull, there are maybe some alien hidden on site.

You have to clean all the blood before the teleporter activates to the next level.

It looks like they managed to destroy and push some walls changing the infrastructure of the buildings.

If some blood stains can't be cleaned because of this, you can press 'R' to be teleported to another similar location.

Use the arrow keys to move.


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Thanks for your kind comments.

Nice job! I like the concept, and it's really nicely scoped for a jam-sized game. It's nicely polished visually too.

This is great, I like how the AI movement is unpredictable, sometimes it felt multiple xenomorphs were circling me. I thought I was doing well until...